Professional Awning Windows Replacement & Installations

Awning windows are designed to increase airflow while excluding the entrance of rain. 

Awning Window Features

Awning windows are hinged, crank operated windows. The hinge is at the top of the frame, and the window swings outward from the bottom.

To open an awning window, you need to unlock both sides of the window. Unfold the handle and begin to turn it clockwise until it reaches your desired angle. Some awning windows can open to 90 degrees, but homeowners often keep then at a 45-degree angle. To close the window, you turn the crank the opposite way and lock it on both sides.

In addition to increased ventilation that awning windows bring, they also provide privacy when they are placed high up on the wall. You can enjoy this window anywhere in your home while maintaining your safety and security. This window can be open all year round. Since awning windows do not have rails or bars on the glass, it provides homeowners with an unobstructed view of the outside.

Benefits of Awning Windows

The hinge at the top allows for more ventilation and protection from unfavorable weather such as the rain. Due to the outward tilt at the bottom, it makes for the perfect window to bring in a breeze when it rains. This is where the awning window excels.

Awning windows are versatile and can be ideal for several locations in your home. Homeowners often place their awning windows in their bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and sometimes paired with a fixed window.

Awning windows are great for bathrooms! When the steam from a hot shower starts to take over the bathroom, you can simply open your awning window. This is when hot, stagnant air flow is guided out of your bathroom and more air can circulate. Another great location for awning windows is the bedroom. You can peacefully enjoy the breeze from a rainy day while listening to the soothing sounds of rain.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are very safe. The position on the wall makes it extremely difficult for someone to try and break in. Homeowners will be able to sleep peacefully if they choose to keep this type of window open at night.

Types of Awning Windows

At C2 Operations, we offer a variety of double hung window styles to suit your personal style and décor of your home.
Types of awning windows:

Single pane awning

Double pane awning

Aluminum window awnings

Retractable awning window


Do awning windows open all the way?

Awning windows are commonly opened to 45 degrees to protect the inside of your home from rainfall. Some types of awning windows can open to 90 degrees, but this angle will not block rain from entering the home. Awning windows swing out to create a slanted window shape.

When should you use awning windows?

Awning windows are best used in areas where you want to increase ventilation. The opening space is wider than the height, making it the perfect solution for homes that may not have air conditioning installed.

What are the benefits of awning windows?

  1. Optimize light and air flow
  2. Enjoy fresh air in inclement weather
  3. Reduce energy costs
  4. Low maintenance and easy care

How secure are awning windows?

Awning windows are strategically placed high on the wall to increase security. Overall, this window is one of the best in terms of security. Since they are operated with a crank from the inside, burglars find it extremely difficult to open the window from outside.

Do awning windows promote airflow?

Awning windows are a great window to maximize the air flow in your space. The frame opens outward to ventilate your house in heavy rain.

What size can an awning window be?

The size of awning windows can vary. This window provides flexibility to accommodate how big or small you want the window to be. On average, the width ranges from 2 inches to 3 feet. The height ranges from 20 inches 7 feet.

Are awning windows energy efficient?

Awning windows are a great option for energy efficiency. They only have one seal on the exterior frame which when cranked, gets pulled completely shut to the seal. This will let very little air in or out, regardless of the temperature.