Considerations for Exterior Repairs/Replacements

In preparation for exterior repairs, here are some items and preventative measures that residents should be aware of. 

Estimated Time of Arrival

Unless the job is scheduled as a 1st stop (8-10am start time), we are unable to give an exact time the repairs will take place due to unforeseen issues that may arise. Often, our crews encounter additional work beyond original scope once they start a project. Please understand there are variables that can come into play once we begin a job, such as weather, unforeseen rotted wood, changes to orders. Please give our office a call and we would be more than happy to give you an approximate time the day of the scheduled repairs. No hard time will be given due to changes in scope of work. Our goal is to complete the work on the date we schedule with you.

Lawn Care & Exterior Services

Please make sure grass is cut prior to roof replacements. This will ensure the C2 team does not miss any nails, small debris, during the magnet sweep and clean up at the completion of the roof replacement.

Please cancel any exterior home services such as dog, lawn (grass cutting, lawn maintenance) and pest while your roof is being repaired/replaced.


Please consider any noise and access impact on your animals during construction. We ask that animals are secured inside and remain out of the working area during construction. It is also requested that yards be swept for animal waste prior to the start of construction.


There will be various levels of noise through the duration of your project. If you, other family members, or even pets have a sensitivity to loud noises, we recommend spending some time away from your house while the job is in progress. You may also want to warn the neighbors of the impending temporary increase in noise and traffic.

Gates & Driveways

Please ensure gates are accessible and unlocked prior to the start of repairs.

Please remove any and all vehicles from driveways during installation and/or repairs.

Protecting Unsecured Items

Vibrations from construction work may cause items to fall or slide off of shelves and walls (ex. mirrors, pictures, figurines or plates). We recommend that any valuable items be removed prior start date. You may want to perform a more thorough walk through before any roofing activity commences. *The floor level directly below the roof is the most susceptible.

Attics & Garages

Please remove or review configuration of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, and other storage items at risk of being dirtied or damaged. Debris can fall through spaces in the roof decking. C2 Operations is not responsible for the removal or cleaning of these items.

Wood Replacement

Rotted wood is a typical hidden defect related to exterior repairs. We will promptly communicate any changes in price or scope of work due to wood replacement.

Construction Zone

Please be aware when entering or existing construction zones, always keeping small children and pets away from the work area.

Clean Up

We will perform daily clean-ups removing equipment and properly disposing of debris. A magnetic roller will be utilized to pick-up metal debris, but please be advised that a few nails, hidden in the grass or shrubbery, may possibly remain.

Rain Delays

Inclement weather may force delays in our production schedule. We require an adequate window of clear weather to work safely and efficiently.

Electrical Mounts

Roofers are not electricians! Therefore, existing electrical mounts or electrical work may need to be addressed by a Certified Electrician for us to safely complete the roof work. Our estimator will notify you of any necessary electrical work. For example: If a new power fan is being installed, electric must be connected for it to work.


Prior to skylight work, it is recommended to move or cover the interior area below the skylight with cloth, towels, or sheet. Some debris may jostle loose and fall into the area beneath a skylight when it is being replaced. These items are not complete as there are other considerations that could happen. In our experience, these are the main considerations that occur and we want all customers to be aware.

Satellite Dish Realignment and Wiring

Satellite dish communication requires precise alignment of dish for signal. While C2 Operations can reinstall satellite dishes, dish alignment is excluded from this contract. Please note some dish companies can take up to (2) weeks to schedule for a realign appointment. It is ideal to contact your dish company to schedule realignment immediately following exterior construction. If a satellite dish is scheduled to be deleted, please note a follow up appointment by your cable provider may be necessary. In some homes, poor wiring install practices route live cable feeds through abandoned dish coax lines. When the dishes are removed, and disposed of from roof, a break in feed to the house may occur. It is ideal to contact your cable company to schedule assessment to immediately follow exterior construction.

Additional Considerations for Interior Repairs/Replacements

Interior Temperature

Depending on the time of year of your door and/or window replacement, please note that because of the removal of the window/door, and until the replacement is completed, the interior of your home will either be cold or hot. Plan accordingly. We recommend you adjust your heat or air conditioning to a temperature that won’t cause it to run continuously during construction.

Furniture Removal

Please remove all furniture from the area where the door and/or window(s) will be replaced so as not to risk them getting damaged. We recommend you place them in another room until the installation is complete. C2 Operations is not responsible for the removal or cleaning of these items.

Window Treatments

We ask that all curtains, blinds, decorations etc. be removed from the window and surrounding area where the window is being replaced prior to the start of construction. It is up to the homeowner to re-install those items after construction is complete. C2 Operations is not responsible for the removal or cleaning of these items.

Security System

Prior to window and/or door replacement work, it is recommended that you disconnect your security system from the window and/or door(s) that are being replaced. You will need to call your security system to help with this, or to guide you through the process.