Double hung windows are one of the most common replacement windows that homeowners install.

Features of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are composed of two sashes in a single frame. The meaning of double hung is simple, you can open the window from the top and the bottom. Both sashes can be operated independently and tilt-in.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

The benefits of double hung windows are what makes it so popular among homeowners. By installing double hung windows you can increase the ventilation in your home and control airflow. Because both sashes can operate, homeowners with small kids have the freedom to let fresh air in from the top sash while having the lower sash locked and secured.

Double hung windows are very easy to maintain and clean. Both the interior and the exterior glass can be cleaned from inside of your home due to the tilt-in feature of the windows.

This type of window has been around for centuries and has evolved to the modern sophisticated style that we see today. A double hung window is a beautiful addition to any home due to its class and timeless style. Double hung windows are aesthetically adaptable to fit in any room. This style is what makes it so popular among homeowners.

Professional Double Hung Windows

The security on double hung windows leave homeowners feeling safe. Double hung windows offer double-locked units that prioritize your safety and security.

Types of Double Hung Windows

At C2 Operations, we offer a variety of double hung window styles to suit your personal style and deĢcor of your home.
Types of double hung windows:

Double hung grid windows

Single pane double hung windows

Double pane double hung windows


What are the benefits of double hung windows?

  1. Energy efficient
  2. Air Ventilation
  3. Ease of cleaning
  4. Versatility
  5. Visual appeal

Are double hung windows energy efficient?

New double hung windows can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Double hung windows offer great insulation due to the tight seal around the window. When less air leaks from your window, you will notice that your home is more comfortable and warmer. Windows that are more than 10+ years old are prone to consume more energy than new windows.

Are double hung windows easy to clean?

Homeowners enjoy the convenience of double hung windows. Double hung windows tilt in to create a seamless and easy cleaning experience. You can clean both sides of the window from the comfort of your home. Cleaning double hung windows are a very simple and quick process.

How much does a double hung window cost?

On average, double hung windows range from $450 to $900. The price varies due to extra customizations and the type of window material. C2 Operations offers top quality window products that make a great investment for your home.

What is the difference between single hung and double hung?

A single hung window has one fixed sash and one operable sash. The bottom sash is operable and the top sash in inoperable(fixed). Ventilation is provided by the bottom sash for a single hung window. Single hung windows are cheaper than double hung windows because they have one movable sash and fewer movable parts. Double hung windows have two movable sashes which leads to an increase in ventilation. These windows are popular for two story houses. Because heat rises, hot air can escape through the top sash and allow more air flow in your home.

What is the best material for the frame?

The best material for the frame aligns with your window goals and purpose. There are 5 types of window frame material and they are: Wood, Vinyl, Composite, Aluminum, and Fiberglass.

What are the best rooms for double hung windows?

Double hung windows are a great fit for high traffic areas. Since double hung windows provide a classic and timeless design, they are commonly used for traditional style homes. Double hung windows are best for the living room, bedroom, and the dining room of your home.

Are double hung windows better than slider windows?

Double hung and slider windows are both popular windows. You will typically find slider windows in areas where the width is greater than the height. Slider windows have fewer movable parts, which makes it more convenient for homeowners. Double hung windows are typically found in windows openings where the height is greater than the width. These windows have a low-profile design that provides versatility and ease of cleaning. Ultimately, the location and purpose for the window will help you choose which window is better.

Do double hung windows come with screens?

Yes, double hung windows come with screens and they are designed to work well with this type of window. Double hung window screens will protect insects and pests from entering your home while the window is open.