Features of Transoms

This style attracts homeowners because it high enough to let light in and allows your home to remain private. Transom windows can be found resting on the horizontal beam above the doorframe. They are mulled to the door to create a clean and modern custom design. Mulling is the process of joining two or more window units together.

Benefits of Transoms

Homeowners are rediscovering the beauty and decorative touch it adds to spaces that lack the presence of windows. Most transom windows on the exterior door are fixed, but some offer a ventilation option so you can let a cool breeze flow into your house. They will complement your home’s style and make an attractive addition to your home.

Transom windows include the versatility for custom applications and designs. They have been customized for business logos and branding. An example of a custom design can be found at Spanky’s Shenanigans.

Transoms Replacement & Installations

We used a triple pane transom window to create this custom design. The logo was applied to the center pane.

Types of Transoms

At C2 Operations, we offer a large selection of transoms to suit your personal style and décor of your home.
Types of transoms:


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