As your home ages over time, so does everything inside of it. From the floorboards of your living room to the tiles on your roof, you’ll find yourself repairing or replacing many things around the house as you go through life. If you’re not sure whether your windows and doors need replacement, there are usually easy signs to look for.

With energy efficiency becoming the hottest topic in the construction industry, it is no surprise that people are looking to replace their old windows with new, more energy-efficient models.

How often should you replace your residential windows?


No matter how sturdy and durable your home windows are built, they will not stay that way forever. If well-maintained and taken care of, the average home window will last 15 to 20 years. But it doesn’t mean you should wait until they fall apart to replace them. 

Most of the time, and among any other aspect of the house, the windows seem to be the most neglected part. That’s why it can be challenging to know when to head into the market for a new set of replacements. 

To help you figure out when that time is, here are a few tell-tale signs you can look for to see if your windows need replacing before reaching the end of their lifespan. 

Signs to replace your windows 


Condensation or frost on the glass

One thing to look for is condensation or frost on the glass. It can be a sign that the seal around the window is no longer working properly. When condensation happens, you see fogging in between the panes of your window glass. These could indicate damage that needs to be addressed.

Condensation in window glass causes more problems than other types of weather damage. Most people who have trouble with condensation do not notice this, but it makes its way to the front of the class because it happens so much. If you see condensation, it’s best to get the window checked by a professional.

Water stains along the windows’ insides

Another sign of damage and need for replacement may be water-related stains along the insides of your windows. It usually happens to double-pane or triple-pane windows. Stains show up along weather stripping or jiggle seals and indicate water is getting in behind the window seal. Ask a professional for assistance if you notice any discoloration along your windows.

Cracks or chips on the glass

There are window damages that can be fixed easily with a hand tool and a few supplies from the hardware. But if cracks appear on your panes, they can expand quickly when moisture freezes, so it’s best to have them replaced before the weather gets colder.

Ideally, you should schedule a window service appointment as soon as you notice a crack. A cracked window looks unattractive and compromises your family’s security and your home’s energy efficiency. Worse, cracks can even be an entry point of vermin into your home.

Sealant peeling or cracking

Another sign you need to replace your home windows is to look at the sealant around the edges of the glass or panes. If the sealant is cracking or peeling, it’s no longer doing its job. It means that air and water can enter your home, causing damage to everything inside, including the walls, ceiling, and floors.

It can also cause rots, jamming or sticking when closing or opening, and an increase in your energy consumption. Not only do these look unappealing, but they can also impose risks and even greater damage when not attended to. So, it’s better to have them checked and replaced before the worst.

Drafty rooms

Most drafty conditions in your home are caused by windows that don’t have proper insulation. Properly maintained windows keep your home well aired. If you notice drafty air coming into the room even after you apply weather-stripping or caulking, it could indicate that you need to have them replaced.

Rotting Frames

Moisture can get into the frames of your windows, especially when made of wood. When not given proper maintenance, it could warp or soften over time. Not only do they look unsightly, but they also cause massive damage, air leaks, and a possibility of complete breakdown. So, it’s highly suggested that when you see rot or soft spot in your window frames, turn to your local window experts for a new set of replacements.

High energy bills

Additionally, another common sign that your home windows need to get replaced is high energy bills. When your windows are damaged, it can be difficult to heat or cool your homes efficiently. You might notice that your home has very little heat or cooling capacity, but your energy bills increase exponentially. If you notice an increase in high energy bill activity, it might be time to call your local window replacement company.

Why should you replace your home’s windows?


Replacing your old home windows is a significant investment, but it’ll pay off in the long run. Here are five reasons why you should get a new home window replacement:


Improves the look of your home

The first benefit of having a home window replacement is the ability to alter the view. It can change how you perceive your home, making it less like your old home. Your old windows might not have been designed to fit the style you wanted them to, but your new window replacement can give you the vibes of living somewhere new and according to your preferred style.

A set of new window replacements can also add to your home’s curb appeal, making it more attractive and a sure head-turner for everyone that passes along your neighborhood.

Increases energy efficiency

The second benefit of a new home window replacement is increased energy efficiency. According to, home windows are mainly responsible for at least 25% to 30% of heat gain or loss in residential properties. It means that most homes’ energy usage heavily relies on their windows’ efficiency. (2)

Adds to its overall value

A new home window replacement gives your house an added value. Should you feel disposed to put your home on property listings in the future, a good set of windows attracts more buyers. According to CNBC, an upgrade on new replacement windows can increase an ask on the house up to 85% of the total expenditure on the windows upgrade. (3)

Improves the security of your home

Lastly, upgrading your home windows increases your house’s safety. Nowadays, many new home windows offer upgraded security features and are built to withstand all weather conditions. While the benefits of upgrades aren’t unlimited, they definitely help improve security.

Promotes quality of life

Home improvement can be expensive, but it is worth every penny. A good window can improve your quality of life in many ways. With a new set of advanced windows installed, you’ll appreciate a well-evened room temperature during a cold winter night or a humid summer afternoon.

It can also reduce noise from outside, make the space feel more open, and let you take more advantage of the beauty of your neighborhood.


Trust the window replacement experts at C2Operations to get the job done right!


Home window replacement is something homeowners find necessary for improving their residential properties. 

If you’re wondering how long a window replacement takes, we provide that in greater detail. 

Remember, your home is your safe space. So, it’s best to make the most of all of your options.

If you notice any of the above signs that your home windows need new replacements, let the professionals take care of your home improvement needs. 

For guaranteed long-lasting, energy-efficient, and beautiful windows, call the experts at C2 Operations, and rest easy knowing you are in good hands. Schedule a free estimate today!